Dr of NP is a Medical Doctor: The Cure for Health Inequity in the United States

I am very annoyed with the ego of medical doctors. Saying that a Dr of NP does not have scope of practice, is unconscionable. This is the dumbest thing I have heard in my lifetime. Dr of NPs are extensively trained doctors. Every medical doctor was trained for every year of residency by Nurses.

The United States (US) is a “Tale of Two Cities”, relative to wealth inequity and health inequity. It’s mind boggling to me, how what the founding fathers were creating for the future has devolved into a capitalistic Armageddon, where every man, woman and child have become a wage slave, as so poignantly predicted by the Great President John F Kennedy, who was assassinated 2 days after making this prescient statement. Ultimately, one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time.

Thus, we are always in the throes, and grip of a civil rights revolution/movement in the United States, secondary to the preamble of the Constitution not being manifest, that is, “the self evident truth, that all men are created equitably“. Adjunctively, the Promised Land that President Barack Obama writes about, where the US Constitution is truly blind and equitable, where the rule of law reigns supreme for everyone, and you are innocent until proven guilty, seems always out of reach/unattainable.

Ultimately, for healthcare equity to not be a phantom dream, Dr of NPs should be given full practice authority (FPA). It’s high time that the ego of medical doctors face a gruesome death, and medicine becomes less misogynistic, chauvinistic and paternalistic. Additionally, Dr of NPs are more highly trained in obesity medicine, mental health and nutrition.

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