The Self Evident Truth That All Men Are Created Equitably: Poverty, A Symptom of Health/Wealth Inequity in the United States

“A Tale of Two Cities”, the United States (US) is a land of dichotomous extremes, and hyperbole. How can the wealthiest nation in the World have such crushing, and annihilating poverty?

We have all become wage slaves in the US. The Federal minimum wage is still $7.25, since 1990. During the Reagan era, labor started to be outsourced to China and everything was subesequently made in China, including generic medications. I watched President Bill Clinton espouse that it was a good thing that China was opening up to the capitalistic ways of the West. I thought at the time it was a beautiful kaleidoscopic recipe for disaster. We were outsourcing our health to China, no good shall come of it. This business model and product cycle, were not sustainable, and would not end well. Fast forward to the pandemic and COVID, causing a halt to the Machiavellian capitalistic supply chain involving China and India.

Thus, the labor market of the United States is in the throes of a Franz Kafka like Metamorphosis, we are hurtling toward a French Revolution in some shape or form. We have to evolve from a country in experimentation, to a country that is always healthily breaking free of it’s Chrysalis to become a Butterfly of the self evident truth of the Constitutional Republic that is the United States of America..

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