Health is the first and only wealth. It begins in the kitchen.

To continue the delivery of medicine by espousing the hippocratic delivery of care in perpetuity.

Service A

Focusing on my 25 years of telehealth/telemedicine practice, I will deliver the guiding principles of due diligence and due professional care, relating to the use of telehealth/telemedicine as the preferential mode/platform of delivery for patient-centric value-based care, thus preventing healthcare disparity in medicine. Ultimately, allowing for the utilization of technological advances of the electronic/medical health record and point of care devices/wearables, accounting for the natural feel, as well as, the seamless delivery of healthcare and access to said healthcare.  Consequently, I specialize in providing general practice medical care focusing on behavioral/mental health with Therapeutic Medical Cannabis, sexual medicine, MOUD/alcohol use disorder management, pain management, physical therapy/rehab management, pharmacogenetics, obesity medicine, womens’s health, polypharmacy prevention/management, and wound care to clients/patients across the United States via several telehealth/telemedicine platforms.

Service B

I first started practicing medicine as an Attending in community health centers in Brooklyn, NY, namely the Brownsville area, Bushwick area and East Flatbush area. During my early years as a General Practitioner, I saw how the opioid epidemic was ravaging these communities. Years later my Pastor’s daughter died from a heroin overdose at 22 years old, and my friend’s son died from narcotic and alcohol use complications. I am determined to be a part of the solution to substance use disorder, and have decided to pursue a career in addiction medicine, including Telehealth addiction medicine.

Dr Kelly is very thorough and encyclopedic in her systemic/systematic approach to care.

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