The transformative power of healing one’s internal injury from disease begins with you.

Healing the world via tikKun Olam, one community at a time.

My desire to become a health care professional has its humble beginnings in my early life experiences. As a child growing up in Jamaica, West Indies, I recalled being the one who was always mending the cuts and scrapes of relatives and neighbors. Of the many events, there is a particularly outstanding one, which made me realize the path that I was supposed to take in life. My Aunt, who was my guardian at that time, became extremely ill one night. She was normally a vital and lively person, but now she was in her room vomiting constantly without reprieve. I was also in the room, in a dark corner trying to stay out of the way and feeling totally helpless. It was then, that it dawned on me that I never wanted to feel this helpless in my life, and my academic journey to becoming a physician began. My Aunt, who is still my guardian now lives in the United States, was subsequently diagnosed with endometriosis.

My sole mission when I migrated to the United States was to determine the path I had to take to become a doctor. My fascination with the field of medicine and my desire to become a doctor led to the creation of my 10 year plan; the road map that would take me from high school graduate to surgeon.  Some friends and relatives were bewildered, as they were admiring my foresight and absolute resolve to achieve what they saw as an unattainable goal; since, I would be the first person in my family to attend college and medical school. However, those closest to me believed in my ability; more importantly I knew I was capable. My conviction was, and still remains that with diligence and perseverance, I will accomplish my utmost desire.