Spirituality in Medicine: A Messianic Judaism View Point

My Mom recently challenged me that if I talk about God to my patients, it is unethical. I totally disagree. I don’t proselytize, which we don’t practice in Messianic Judaism. At my Synagogue, Simchat Yisrael, you must choose the narrow gate that leads to life, Yeshua Hamashiach. Your existence as the light of Adonai Echad, is what draws the person to the narrow gate, but the person must choose the highway, the narrow gate, and not the Broadway, as my Rabbini, Paul (Yaacov) August would say. He reminds our Shabbat Bible study every Shabbat, that Judaism is la familia, the way of the family of B’nai Israel. It’s very grounding and humbling.

My Rabbi, Joshua Brumbach, during membership classes emoted that all we have to do, to imbue the light, is always practice mercy, Tikkun Olam (repair the world) and Shalom (peace, tranquility, wholeness, completeness and wealth), everything else, is noise/commentary/irrelevant, as per the great sage Rabbi Hillel.

Currently, in the United States there is such anxiety and loneliness, secondary to the valuation of ourselves as capitalistic wage slaves on the military complex plantation of rampant capitalism. I am a capitalist myself, but I practice symbiotic/commensalitic capitalism, in other words societal corporate governance promoting Shalom fiscal health. Thus, all fiscal policy negotiations must be mutually beneficial, as per Game Theory.

Ultimately, we have to regress towards the mean of our Godliness, that is, the image of God, in the Tanach. That is our inherent/innate identity, nothing more, nothing less, and all else is commentary, as per Rabbi Hillel. Shalom.

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