Dental Hygiene: A Core Component of Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine in the United States (US) should have only 2 components: the dentist and the Internist-General Practitioner. It boggles my mind that dental hygiene is not a part of standard of care of the whole person-human being.

Most diseases can be diagnosed from the oral cavity. Poor dental hygiene is extremely deleterious to one’s health. It is so germane that cardiac/heart death, and brain death secondary to a massive stroke is awaiting the person who does not care for their dental hygiene.

The relevance of dental hygiene to one’s overall health cannot be understated, since dental hygiene encompasses one of the most important aspect-advances in medicine. We tend to forget that the gastrointetstinal (GI) tract begins in the mouth. Ultimately, dental hygiene has to be marketed as the first line of defense relative to heart health, and gut health-preventing gut barrier failure.

The importance of gut health in the gut-brain axis cannot be overstated. Of note, 95% of serotonin is made in the gut, and that’s how one increases serotonin in the brain, not just by Prozac/Zoloft. Additionally, our immunity hinges on the prevention of gut barrier failure, and keeping the gut lining sealed, else there is no nutrition, since nothing is absorbed and all foods end up in the toilet, and the community’s sewer system.

Adjunctively, the gut is the center of the body’s innate immune system relative to immunosurveillance. Cells from the gut travels via the circulatory system and potentiates natural killer-lymphocytes to kill cancer cells. This is why gut microbiome health is of utmost importance, since that’s the main surveillance system of the body relative to cancer prevention.

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