Universal Healthcare is Preventive Medicine: Basic Healthcare for All

I recently learned that there is now a specialty in Medicine called Preventive Medicine. Preventive Medicine is the Hipprocatic method by always espousing, nil non nocere, first do no harm.

Preventive Medicine focuses on clinical judgment, and whole person care secondary to fundamentally providing Medicine that should be culturally relevant, and appropriate at all times. Basically, following the NIH method of accounting for biological, and physiological variance in each patient’s genetics.

The future of health equity in America is to afford access to basic Preventive Medicine, thereby delivering Universal Healthcare. The current culture of educating the population of popping a pill to cure ailments has created the opioid epidemic, fast food coma/obesity and increased heart disease/heart attacks with strokes.

For America to continue being the wealthiest Nation in the world, and to surpass China in GDP, health must become the first, and only wealth for every multinational enterprise (MNE). Ultimately, its all hands on deck, and we are all clinicians; Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Physician Associates, Medical Doctors and Doctors of Osteopathy.

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